Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a pattern of abusive behaviours used by one person to maintain power and control over another person. IPV includes physical, verbal, emotional, financial, mental and sexual abuse. 89% of IPV victims have been sexually assaulted by their partners. All of these forms of abuse can have an impact on a survivor’s health and wellness. Some common impacts include feeling ‘on edge,’ experiencing flashbacks and nightmares, and feelings of depression.

The dynamics of abusive relationships can be complicated, which can make it difficult to leave the relationship. Many victims of IPV fear not only for their own safety, but the safety of their children, pets, and other family members. Hope 24/7 can help survivors of IPV, whether they have left the relationship or not.

You can call us for more information, safety planning and support, and can also reach out to the Safe Centre of Peel at 905-450-4650.

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