Hope 24/7 offers programs and services to support all persons 12 years of age and over in Peel Region who have been impacted by relationship and sexual violence. Hope 24/7 is the only Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General designated Sexual Assault Centre in Peel and provides:

• Best in class clinical intervention services delivered by regulated health professionals.
• Prevention and Outreach activities to schools, community groups and partner agencies.
• Fee-based non-crisis therapy for those impacted by trauma


See what our clients, past and present, are saying about our services!

I have progressed

I have progressed positively and more than I thought I would. I love this organization and appreciate my therapist!

I’mm really gonna miss

 I’ve grown so much here. I’m ready to face the world with everything I’ve learned. Thanks Hope for saving me!

I would like to say

My therapist was wonderful! Sad that our sessions have come to an end, but I’m very happy with my accomplishments.

I feel more powerful

I feel more powerful after today’s session. I feel more confident in standing up for myself.

Detailed discussion

We had a detailed discussion about family and internal dialogue. We talked about emotional intelligence. Good stuff!

Thanks to my therapist

Thanks for listening and helping me remember all my strategies and goals. I feel more assertive everyday because of you.

I was able to speak

I was able to speak about something i’ve never opened up about, because I knew this was a safe place to do it.

Able to discover

Able to discover red flags and safety issues. I can tell the difference between safe and unsafe relationships now.

I am so pleased

I am so pleased with my progress. My therapist has been a blessing in my life.

Felt so comfortable

The therapist always asks what I want to work on and really listens. This place makes me feel so empowered!
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