Hope 24/7 offers programs and services to support all persons 12 years of age and over in Peel Region who have been impacted by relationship and sexual violence. We are the only designated Sexual Assault Centre in the Peel Region and provide the best in class clinical intervention services delivered by regulated health professionals.


Hope 24/7 provides time-limited crisis intervention to individuals who have experienced trauma. We specialize in working with persons who have experienced sexual and/or relationship violence (historical or current). Hope 24/7 works with clients until they get to the point where they can function in their daily lives without being constantly preoccupied by feelings of shame, guilt, anger, sadness and anxiety.

We also work with family and friends who are supporting survivors.

Many services are free. We also offer fee-based trauma services at below-market rates. Our services are covered by most extended health care plans and receipts are available.

– Individual, couple & family psychotherapy
– Psychotherapeutic Groups
– Psychoeducational Workshops
– Critical Incident Debriefing
– Trainings
– Clinical Supervision


Our Fee-Based Services include:

• In-person 1-on-1 and Family Psychotherapy
• Therapeutic Groups
• Psychoeducational Workshops

Fee-based services are available for survivors of sexual assault and abuse who are not currently in crisis. We also welcome individuals and families who have experienced other forms of trauma (e.g. relationship violence, emotional violence). All services offered to survivors of other forms of trauma are fee-based.


Our Crisis Line is answered by our team of regulated health professionals. They will work with you to decrease your distress and will provide you with referrals for in-person services. Our Crisis Line is available during business hours.

During non-business hours, the Crisis Line is transferred to Spectra Helpline. Spectra offers peer-based mental health supports.

Our Crisis Line is available:

Monday – (9 am -5 pm)
Tuesdays – (9 am – 8 pm)
Wednesdays – (9 am – 8 pm)
Thursday – (9 am – 6 pm)
Friday – (9 am -5 pm)

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