Our Non-Clinical Services are designed to provide the support clients need in order to prepare them for trauma treatment.

Hope 24/7 is a non judgement zone.


Often times there are many challenges a person is facing, and these need to be addressed before we can work on the issues brought about by a sexual or relationship assault. For instance, you may not be securely housed or may not have regular access to food. These challenges are significant and impact how you feel about yourself and your community. Through the Enhanced Wellness Program, we work with individuals to overcome those challenges and become ready to start intensive trauma work.

Services include:
– Safety & Stabilization
– Concrete Skill Development
– Social Inclusion
– Case Management/System Navigation

There is only one criteria to be able to access the EWP: Having been a victim of sexual violence (in any form)!

If you believe the EWP is right for you, please contact us at (905) – 792 – 0821 for more information.


Hope On-Site is an outreach program designed to bring awareness and create bridges to our services for those who have barriers accessing them. Hope On-Site is designed to serve at risk populations (youth, persons who are homeless, sex workers, LGBTQ2S) with shared needs such as developing coping skills, improving social inclusion, or youth groups.

Harm Reduction Site Services

Hope 24/7 provides a variety of harm reduction services, such as new needles and kits, smoking kits, tattoo kits, piercing kits, and other harm reduction supplies. The program is offered every weekday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. at our office. Fixed Harm Reduction Site Services are also provided through Hope On-Site at locations we visit.

Care Kits

One way we are able to bridge the gap is by providing care kits as a way to meet an immediate need & start an understanding of who we are and what we have to offer to the Peel Region.

Care Kits include:

– Condoms
– Lube
– Tampons
– Toothpaste
– Toothbrush
– Deodorant

Healthy Sexuality Clinic

Hope 24/7 is a satellite location for the Region of Peel Healthy Sexuality Program. The nurse provides the following services:

– Low cost/free birth control
– Emergency contraception
– Pregnancy testing & counselling
– Harm reduction counselling
– Testing & treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs)


Hope 24/7 provides evidence-based sexual violence prevention and resiliency building programs in regional public and separate elementary and high schools. Hope 24/7 is CARC approved and provides programming to children and youth aged 12 and older.

The purpose of the OYOF Program is to decrease the impacts of violence and unhealthy relationships within our communities. Our work aligns with Ontario’s Youth Action Plan and Stepping Up Framework to help youth build strength, resilience, and coping skills. With this program, we hope to assist and empower youth in making responsible decisions, fostering healthy relationships and reducing the prevalence of youth violence.

The prevention-focused modules covered in the program compliment the Peel District School Board curriculum in educating youth on violence and unhealthy behaviours. We recognize that schools are being called on to develop good citizenship in addition to a strong academic foundation. We facilitate interactive activities where youth can explore ways to manage difficult situations and develop effective ways to communicate in interpersonal relationships.

We hope you will join us in the efforts to reduce violence amongst youth. With your partnership, we can increase students’ capacity to recognize and build healthier relationships. Please contact us for more information.

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